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Simplified: The Criminal System in South Carolina


If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it is very likely that you have entered a world that you have only seen on TV. The reality is much different, and so this article attempts to simplify what the criminal system/process looks like in South Carolina. This is a very oversimplified explanation. In [...]

Simplified: The Criminal System in South Carolina2021-09-27T10:20:10-04:00

Drugs in the Car: Can I be Charged?


Have you ever been riding along in the car with that crazy friend or your stoner uncle and wondered “what would happen if we got pulled over right now?” Possession of illegal narcotics in South Carolina is not always as cut and dry as being caught with drugs in your hand or pocket. Since drug [...]

Drugs in the Car: Can I be Charged?2021-07-01T17:04:59-04:00
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