One of the questions we hear most often at Loignon Law Firm is whether you should talk to the insurance company after a car wreck or other accident that caused an injury. When you get into a car wreck, the police are called out and they write a report describing the incident. In that report, the police include the name of each driver’s insurance company. The insurance company is notified very quickly, and a representative will likely call you within hours after an accident to get a statement from you and to ask you details about the accident and your injuries.

So, do you have to talk to the insurance company about the accident when they call? No, you do not. You should never talk to the other driver’s insurance company. They will only be trying to find information to deny your claim and pay you little to no money. If the other driver’s insurance company calls you asking to talk about the accident, tell them to speak to your lawyer.

To receive benefits that you may be entitled to from your own insurance policy, there is generally a requirement for the insured to cooperate with the insurer during an investigation. Cooperation does not necessarily mean you must personally answer all their questions right after the accident. You can just as easily refer them to your attorney at Loignon Law Firm who will provide them all the necessary information they need to get a claim started on your behalf. This way they will not be able to use something you say to deny payment on a claim.

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